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Each Sunday, over 58,600 readers engage with The Star Press in print.

The Star Press is a daily newspaper with a long and impressive history. The paper, owned by the USA TODAY NETWORK, began publishing in 1899. The Star Press is the premier news and information provider in East Central Indiana. Consumers actively seek out advertisements and pro motional inserts in their daily paper. With seven - day production and a variety of topical sections, The Star Press offers something for everyone. Sections available are as follows:

  • Main – Local news, national & world news, state news, editorial, obituaries, weather, horoscopes
  • Business – Local business news, national & world news, state news, editorial The Star Press Print TheStarPress.Com
  • Sports – Local and national sport highlights
  • Perspectives – Opinions, letters to the editor
  • Classifieds – Employment, merchandise, real estate, apartments, transportation, automobiles
  • Dine & Dish – A Sunday publication devoted to all things food & drink
  • Puzzles, comics, etc

The Star Press provides creative, unique and innovative print solutions for your business. Long gone are the days of simple advertising placements.

The Star Press offers options such as:

  • Post - It - Notes 
  • Custom Publication
  • Spadea Wraps
  • High Impact Adscapes
  • And more!

The Star Press Media Group boasts the largest media footprint in the East Central Indiana market as well as more channels than any other solutions provider. That means your brand and message are seen by more local adults than with anyone else. If you need a successful media strategy, The Star Press is the perfect foundation on which to build it.


  1. Star Press Media Group offers more channels to reach local adults than any other solutions provider in the market
  2. Unsurpassed market penetration
  3. Numerous unique & creative options available
  4. Consumers are actively seeking out advertisements within our publication

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