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Get the Stats on Branded Content

Download our stat sheet to learn more about the latest consumer trends in branded content. Posted on Tuesday, June 27 in Reaching The Right Audience.

Branded content, also known as native advertising, allows advertisers to reach consumers with interesting, valuable information in flexible engaging formats. It captures your customer’s attention when they’re most engaged, leveraging the credibility of trusted platforms.

Branded content engages consumers through captivating stories, engaging videos, or interactive media.

Benefits include:

  • Flows seamlessly: It’s less likely to be disruptive or feel intrusive to the consumer.
  • Fights ad blindness: Branded content appears in line with the content readers are viewing, making them more likely to engage.
  • Builds brand affinity: Branded formats provide consumers with valuable content they seek without explicitly selling a product or service.

Just how powerful is Branded Content?

Download our stat sheet to find out.


Download Attachment: Get the Stats on Branded Content

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